Nicci + Dustin

This was a fun engagement session for more than a few reasons:

  1. I went to high school with the bride-to-be

  2. I went to college with the bride-to-be

  3. I LIVED with the bride-to-be

  4. I got to experience my first over seas travel experience with the bride-to-be

We spent a decent amount of our youth together from high school - college and even into our adult lives. Other than having the joy of watching her and dustin tie the knot, this will also be a destination wedding. This will be three months after my second kiddo, and it’ll be the first international travel I get to take with my husband. Needless to say, there will be lots of laughter, tears, margaritas and sunburns. Because I’m pale and I burn. Also looking forward to the beach, nice weather, and good times with some old friends. Also, did I mention margaritas?