Building Castles

Building Castles


This is Jim Bishop. He created the Bishop Castle in Colorado. I remember walking up to the castle and seeing lots of radical signage as well as years of hard work. It’s amazing to think that it all started with one man: this man, Jim Bishop. At age 15, he paid four hundred and fifty dollars for a two and a half acre parcel of land enclosed on three sides by the majestic San Isabel National Forest in southern Colorado. Using his surroundings, he started building the castle. I love this picture because it embodies a rough road. A man that worked hard, that’s suffered loss, gained successes and accomplishments. This is by far one of my most favorite portrait pieces. It’s got loads of character and I really do believe it embodies the story that Jim Bishop has to share.

This is part of my Elsie Goes West series, inspired by being a new mom, a new wife, having a long distance marriage and more.

The image is a 12” x 24” a metal print, it’s waterproof, UV resistant, and made from 100% recyclable aluminum. The image is transferred using dye sublimation processing which makes it a permanent part of the aluminum sheet to create an extremely durable product.

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