Moonlit Landscape

Moonlit Landscape


This piece was really inspired by the landscape that Colorado has to offer as well as the mood and experience that was had during our time there. Tom, my husband, was working there while I was home in South Dakota, taking care of our first baby. So we had our first year of marriage long distance, where we saw each other once a month. It was a challenge, to say the least.

This piece is 12” x 24”. Keep this piece away from direct sunlight to help prevent any color change. To clean the surface, use a soft, gentle, damp cloth,

This piece was made in two pieces. The moon was done in a different silicone mold, and placed on the canvas with more resin. The stars and the night clouds/skies are made with alcohol inks and gold leaf. To get the trees and the movement in the skies, I used a toothpick to depict gentle movements and depth. I also places some clear beads to represent the stars. It’s a piece that speaks volumes and has loads of layers and texture.

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