Nature and Nurture

Nature and Nurture


This painting resembles all the beauty and pain that was breastfeeding for me. You hear a lot about how natural breastfeeding is, which it is, however… it’s not as ‘natural’ or easy as so many like to say. It was a very painful month until my daughter and I figured out how to make it work for the two of us. My toes were bruised from all the toe curling that was done, chapped nipples, I mean, it was very unpleasant. However, after the about third week, it was like a light switch. Everything just clicked and worked. I loved breastfeeding and I’m looking forward to doing it again with our future children.

The glass is resembling the pain, the trees, my daughters hand reaching for the breast, the greens all resemble the nature and nurture of breastfeeding. It’s a beautiful (although painful) experience. One that I truly adored.

This piece is 15” x 15”. Keep this piece away from direct sunlight to help prevent any color change. To clean the surface, use a soft, gentle, damp cloth,

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